Thursday, 10 May 2012

Topic 1. Babies

Well today was SUPER exciting.

Apart from the stress of me trying and failing to sort out an actual job where i can earn ACTUAL pennies (rather than domestic slavery, my current career, which is oddly very poorly remunerated), me and The Bairn were tres busy trying stuff I'd bought from trusty Amazon with my NO pennies.

First was dribble bibs - The Bairn produces so much saliva, I've ordered him a face wetsuit. A rubber balaclava. I've not. I got him some very metrosexual chin/neck adornments. Fetching - yes!

Second was Mock-Ons which are rainbow coloured stripy knee high moccasins. The Other Half's response?


Fetching? Absofrickinlutely my friend!

Also, I puréed. Pure hunners of purée. To be exact, some apricot, lentil and sweet potato puree, and ratatouille. Is it still ratatouille if its pulverised to a brownish kinda gloopy thing?

I've discovered three things in my hand-blender spattered kitchen.

1. You can purée anything.
2. Baby food is sometimes bloody lovely - why don't adults stick a bit of pear in a shepherd pie? Then purée it.
3. No chewing = low effort dining! "Just slurp it already! Oh you already did? In one go? Then get your shoes on, we're going out!"

Win win win.

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  1. In respomse to 'you can puree anything' - avoid kiwi fruit. I found out the hard way that once liquidised, the seeds taste like pepper. That was not a good sorbet day.