Monday, 29 July 2013

And She's Back...

Yes, I have been away for a while.

As some other bloggers may have experienced, I've had a few setbacks. It began with a case of Blogger's Block - every time I looked at my Blogsy app on the ole iPad my heart semi-sunk. I'd be thinking


followed by

"............och, I'll do it later....."

which inevitably and evidently just didn't happen. Until now, anyway!

I can blame this lackadaisical attitude on a number of factors.

  1. The Bairn's energy levels, as he grows, appear to increase exponentially; whereas mine (approaching middle-age) are in a rapid nose-dive.
  2. The ole iPad had been coming up with the generic "I cannot back up because you've clogged me up with a load of crap and now I'm going to torture you with this pop up bollocks every 5 minutes."
  3. Game of Thrones.

Well, I'm still increasingly gubbed by 7.30pm every evening. The Other Half (IT genius that he is - and not at all smug about it) has somehow communicated with the iPad, and an agreement has been reached that it will no longer act like an arse.


Finally, Game of Thrones.


Oh my God! The most amazing TV show I have ever ever ever seen. It's taken The Other Half (who was dragged kicking and screaming into the historical fantasy genre) and I approximately a month to get through all first 3 seasons. It's THAT beautiful.


In fact our next Child will be named either


Daenerys Stormborm Targaryen



Tyrion Lannister

I don't think that's going too far, is it?


Anyway, it's over til next year now (weeping into my Ovaltine) so I suppose I can begin blogging again with some sort of regularity. Stay tuned folks!