Sunday, 28 September 2014

Sunday Morning 7am


It's taken me 35 years of enjoying nothing more caffeine injected than a coffee flavoured Roses chocolate, or a sip of Coca Cola, but now it's become the morning staple. I may even have two cups this morning... (Whoa there Nelly!)

The reasons for my conversion are manifold. Well, twofold. I have two small children now, The Bairn (nearly 3) and Bairn 2.0 (6 months old). I generally wake in a fog, first thought being "Ugh, Bairn 2.0 is in my armpit AGAIN, we must get her to sleep in her own cot all night tomorrow" - this thought being repeated every single morning. Today being Sunday, that's closely followed by toys out, CBeebies on (Andy and Cat babysitting the kids until breakfast time) and shut blinds ignored.

And secondly, this...

Our Nespresso Citiz with Milk.

I promise I am receiving no benefits from this advertisement! Although it's likely that the high heid yin of Nespresso is a subscribing reader of my immensely popular and regularly updated blog (pah!). Furthermore, if you are reading this Mr or Ms Heid Yin, I'll have a whole batch of the orangey coloured and blue pods, please.

Over the years, I've become adept at purchasing a certain type of gift for The Other Half. For example:

  • A balloon ride for two
  • A helicopter ride for two
  • A steak dinner for two
  • Event tickets.... You guessed it, FOR TWO.
Well for his last birthday, I decided to really spoil him. He's had his eyes on one of these beauties for a couple of years. As the only coffee drinker, he always felt it was somewhat out of reach, like a shiny, red-and-chrome desert oasis. So I went for it - heavily hormonal, weeks before the birth of Bairn 2.0, I took pity and clubbed together with my parents (yes, I am thirty-five) to buy that beautiful beast of a machine for him.

A gift only HE could ever truly enjoy.

Didn't quite turn out like that, of course. But the advantage being I can share the pain of cleaning the milk thing out every time I'm too slow to make the morning brew. See, I'm a selfless soul.

Now I'd better peel myself of the sofa and start the rest of the day.

Good morning!


  1. Do you think it has the power to convert me, Ali? I love the smell of coffee, but that's as far as it goes. Benji wants one of those Nespresso babies... reckon I know what he's getting from Chrimbo! Perhaps then I will join you on the other side. Great blog xxx

    1. Yeah, get one, Em! Honest. It's just the dugs nuts. And the decaf capsules are brilliant too, just obviously not as "buzzy". X